Yes, thatís right Lencco is now offering performance work for the Yamaha GP1200R and 1300R Watercraft.

Why the GP1200R and 1300R you may ask? Simple, the Yamaha GP hull is very rugged and was built to handle rough water as well as high speeds.  Know wonder its the top choice for professional racers. For instance in stock form a GP1200R struggles to get out of the 62-Mph range. With very poor acceleration and meager fuel economy, unimpressive is to say the least. On the other hand the same unit with minor modification will have arm-ripping acceleration with a top end in excess of 68 Mph, while still retaining stock dependability with better fuel economy.  Further mods will send this unit into the low 70ís. Now add a set of triple pipes and itís unbelievable.

Many after market parts are available for these units. Here at Lencco, countless hours have been spent testing props, pipes, ride plates and various others after market components. Weíre confident we have just the performance mods you need. 

Please note that all of are testing is done with a half tank of fuel in fresh water with radar guns not GPs or speedometer readings. We also use a known dummy boat to verify gains or losses.

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