Don’t Get Stuck On The Trail With Cheap Plastic Parts!
Set your mind at ease with Lencco’s line of Billet Suspension
Parts. Most of our Parts are made from Tough 6061 Aluminum.

Low SNO Wheel Kits

ETT Rear Limiter Shaft

Spring Adjuster Block

Billet Short Spring Slide

Billet Tall Spring Slide

Slide Block

Billet Rear Wheel Bushing

Billet Spring Retainer

ETT Billet Track Adjuster Block

Billet Track Adjuster Block

Firecat/Sabercat Spring Slide

Firecat/Sabercat Low Sno Wheel Kit

Firecat/Sabercat Billet Rear Wheel Spacer

Firecat/Sabercat Four Wheel Kit

Firecat/Sabercat Skid Frame Repair Kit

Firecat/Sabercat Billet Track Adjuster Block

PRO Cross/Climb 4 Wheel Kit

Firecat/Sabercat Rear Limiter Shaft







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