Cylinder Exchange/Repair

    New to Lencco is our cylinder Exchange/Repair program.

    How it Works

    All cylinders must have studs, pins and anodes removed. All exchanges/repairs are subject to core inspection. Stripped threads, broken bolts, welding etc. are additional charge. Ports must be stock and untouched for exchange.

    For Exchanges: Contact us to see if we have your cylinder in stock. We try to keep all cylinders we offer in stock. Occasionally we may run out.  Fill out this form and send it in with your cylinder. We will inspect what needs to be done and contact you with a price.

    For Repair: Fill out this form and send it in with your cylinder we will inspect what needs to be done, repair your cylinder and send you an invoice. once the invoice is paid we will ship out your cylinder. Normal turn around time is three weeks for repairs.

    Repair/Exchange base prices

    $225.00 Plus Shipping for a cylinder that needs plating
    $275.00 Plus Shipping for a cylinder that needs welding and plating.
    Broken bolts/studs stripped threads etc. are quoted when the cylinder comes in.

    Here is a list of cylinders we currently offer for exchange.

    Arctic Cat

    ZR 580 Tripple Exhaust
    ZRT 600 no power valve
    ZRT 800
    T-CAT 900
    T-CAT 1000
    ZR 600 no power valve
    ZR 500 no power valve
    ZR 800
    ZR 700

    Tiger Shark

    TGSK 900
    TGSK 1000
    TGSK 1100


    Yamaha GPR/XLT 1200 with power valve 66V
    Yamaha GPR 1300 with power valve 60T

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Most items ship out within one to two business days.
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